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"The Pays"

Mobile Wallets

"The Pays" are a term describing the multiple mobile wallets that are available to consumers to use on their mobile devices. 

All SunState Cards (except ATM cards) can be added to the mobile wallets

  • Consumer Debit
  • Business Debit
  • Consumer Credit
  • Rewards Credit
  • Business Credit
  • Secured Credit

How does it work?

  • Use your phone,smartwatch, iPad, tablet, or Fitbit/Garmin wearable to pay for goods/services at retailers who accept contactless transactions 
  • You can also use some of these mobile wallets in many apps, websites, and transit systems 
  • Your plastic card still works
  • The transactions still post the same way
  • Disputes and Fraud notifications will also work the same way

To get started, you will need to go to the app you would like to use on your phone.  You will need to provision (add) the card(s) into your mobile device that  you would like to use.  This will be a little different for each of The Pays.  The basic steps are:

  • Scan your card into the app or enter it manually
  • Agree to the terms and conditions
  • Card verification - depending on the information we have on file could be a text or email.  If you do not have a mobile phone number or email on file, you will not be able to complete the set up unless you call our card activation/dispute number 1-866-209-7190 - option 5.
  • Once the card verification is complete you should see card activated.


Wallets that SunState FCU supports -