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Young adults need SunState Federal Credit Union

Part of being a good parent is helping your children learn how to make good decisions and choices. Of major importance is teaching them right from wrong, and want from need. These aren’t always easy lessons to teach, or for that matter, to learn…but in most cases, if we as parents stick with it and keep trying, our kids turn out to be pretty good citizens, all grown up and living on their own. The path leading to adulthood can certainly be frustrating at times for both the parent and the child, but at least when it comes to teaching them about personal finance, you have a helpful partner in SunState Federal Credit Union.

As a community credit union, one of our primary concerns is the financial well-being/education of all the young adults coming into their own in the counties and towns we serve. It doesn’t matter to us whether they are SunState members or not. You see, we feel all it takes to help improve a young adult’s financial future is a few minutes of conversation with an experienced adult who is not in their family, who is unbiased, and who truly cares. We feel those conversations are so important to the overall well-being of our community that we freely give our time for them, even for nonmembers. Of course, to take out loans and open accounts, these youths have to be members - but we will talk to anybody; no strings attached, no gimmicks, obligations or expectations on our part. We simply provide good solid conversation about finances and credit scores and the common financial pitfalls they can expect to encounter as they make their way out into what can be a tough world. So, as parents trying to do what is best for your kids, or maybe even your grandkids, please remember you have a great resource available to help in SunState Federal Credit Union.

Suggest to your kids that they stop by any SunState branch and sit down with a member service representative – you can come with them if you like - and help them have that very important conversation about the world of personal finance. We aren’t offering any tricks or silver bullets, just an unbiased conversation with a seasoned member service representative…someone who has seen many people succeed financially, as well as many who have not.

Please, take us up on this offer. At SunState Federal Credit Union, we truly are committed to helping our youth grow into financially sound and solid adults.

Below are some resources to help that are on our webpage:
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